Thank you, Joe!

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On May 7, 2021, Joe Lesniak, U of T Music’s Building Manager, retired after more than 32 years at the University of Toronto. To permanently honour Joe’s incredible service and dedication to the Faculty, one of the two pianos in Walter Hall has been designated “Lesniak” (already referred to affectionately as "the Joe") and will proudly display a plaque that reads: “In appreciation of the contributions to the Faculty of Music by Joe Lesniak.” Congratulations to Joe on an outstanding career and this most fitting tribute.

“As I am retiring after 32 + years of service it is time to exit stage left.”�

- Joe Lesniak

On his final day at the Faculty, Joe shared the following farewell with the U of T Music community:

"As this is my last day here at the Faculty of Music as I am retiring after 32 + years of service it is time to exit stage left. I would like to thank all admin staff, faculty and students who I have had the pleasure to know and for the experiences I have had during this time. All the best to everyone and as well the future of the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto."

We will miss you Joe. Thank you for everything – the Faculty will not be the same without you!

No Average Joe

In their spring newsletter, the Women’s Musical Club of Toronto, a long-time client of the Faculty of Music, included a wonderful tribute entitled "No Average Joe" (PDF), beginning on page 3.

Photo of Joe and article shared with permission by the Women’s Musical Club of Toronto.